Contech Marketing is a Leading Manufacturer’s Representative organization serving the Metro New York - New Jersey, Upstate New York and Metro-Philadelphia markets. We are focused on providing quality high technology electronic products and solutions for a variety of applications including:
  • AC & DC Power Supplies, Sources, Loads, Battery & Grid Simulators
  • Automatic Test Equipment, Switching Systems, Fixtures, Test Automation Software, Dynamic Digital I/O, Semiconductor Testers
  • Avionics Bus Cards & Analyzers
  • Calibration & Repair Services, Engineering, Consulting & Integration Services
  • Data Acquisition & Hi-Speed Recording & Playback Systems, Dynamic Signal Analyzers
  • EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) Test Equipment, Anechoic Rooms & Chambers
  • Enclosures, Racks, Consoles & Card Chassis, VME, VPX & More
  • Ethernet PHY & POE Testing
  • General Purpose Measuring Equipment: Scopes, Generators, DMM’s, Spectrum Analyzers, Source-Measure Units, Calibrators, AC/DC Power Analyzers
  • Position, Navigation & Timing Instruments, GPS Simulation, NTP Servers
  • RF & Microwave, Amplifiers, Switching, Synthesizers, Phase Noise Analyzer & Precision Components, Satellite Link Emulators, Noise Sources
  • Single Board Computers, I/O Cards, Backplanes, Rugged Chassis & Power Supplies
  • Software Radio, FPGA, A/D's & D/A's Boards, SDR Signal Processors
Our unmatched product knowledge and applications expertise will help identify your needs and provide the tools, training and support that will increase your organization's productivity and achieve the results you require.

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