Contech Marketing is a Leading Manufacturer’s Representative organization serving the Metro New York - New Jersey, Upstate New York and Metro-Philadelphia markets. We are focused on providing quality high technology electronic products and solutions for a variety of applications including:

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Embedded Systems:

RF/Microwave & Optical:

AC/DC Power Test:

Test & Measurement:

EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compliance):

  • Power Amplifiers, Antennas & Sensors for Radiated Immunity & Emmissions
  • Signal Generators & Coupling Devices for Conducted Immunity, ESD
  • Automotive EMC Test Systems
  • Anechoic Chambers & Enclosures Systems, Antenna Pattern Measurements
  • RF/EMI shielding and conductive textile products: enclosures, curtains, pouches, and garments.
  • Software for EMC Test Automation

Our unmatched product knowledge and applications expertise will help identify your needs and provide the tools, training and support that will increase your organization's productivity and achieve the results you require.