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Pentek Boosts Bandwidth for Record and Playback of Talon Rugged Series Recorders

posted Jul 17, 2017, 11:43 AM by Sam Simione   [ updated Jul 17, 2017, 11:48 AM ]

- Multi-channel real-time recording of RF Signals up to 3 GHz
- Captures and reproduces IF bandwidths up to 560 MHz
- Up to 61 TB of hot swappable SSD storage capacity
- Real-time sustained recording rates up to 6.4 GB/sec
- Designed to operate under conditions of shock and vibration

Upper Saddle River, NJ - July 17, 2017 - Pentek, Inc. today introduced a new addition to the Talon® Series of recorders, the Model RTR 2745 rugged rackmount recorder. This new recorder, optimized for rugged operating environments increases the bandwidth for record and playback of the Talon Rackmount Series with capability to capture and reproduce signal bandwidths up to 560 MHz.

The RTR 2745 is a turnkey, wideband recording and playback system that provides real-time capture of RF and IF signals. With two 3 GHz 14-bit A/D converters and built-in digital downconverters (DDCs), the system is ideal for capturing the IF outputs of RF downconverters with bandwidths as high as 600 MHz. Selectable DDC tuning frequencies allow the RTR 2745 to accommodate a broad range of IF outputs.

"The RTR 2745 was designed to complement the wideband IF outputs of the latest RF downconverters," stated Chris Tojeira, product director of Recording Systems. "With high speed, high dynamic range A/Ds and D/As, this system is our first to provide extremely wide bandwidth recording with matching playback," he continued.

For the full release:


For the product datasheet:

Announcing... A New Generation PSA-3000 for IEEE 802.3at Today, IEEE 802.3bt Tomorrow!

posted Jul 12, 2017, 6:18 PM by Sam Simione   [ updated Jul 12, 2017, 6:19 PM ]

New PSA-3202 test blades and PSL-3202 load blades extend the PSA-3000 family into the future of industry standard 4-pair PSE testing.  Plug compatible with today's PSA-3102's and PSL-3102's the PSA-3202's and PSL-3202's open the door to future 802.3bt testing requirements.

Sifos is pleased to introduce a new generation of test blades that are fully compatible with all existing PSA-3000 chassis-based systems while offering a clear growth path to IEEE 802.3bt PSE testing in the future.  The PSA-3202 will replace PSA-3102 as the standard test blades for the PSA-3000 system and the PSL-3202 will replace the PSL-3102 as the standard load blade for the PSL-3000 programmable load.  PSA software version 4.2, available now, supports interchangeable configurations of PSX-3202 and PSX-3102 in PSA-3000 systems.  

PSA-3202 Key Features:
  •  Plug Replaceable Upgrade to Existing PSA-3000
    • 100% Software Compatible with PSA-3102 Blades
    • Supports Existing 802.3at PSE Conformance and Multi-Port Test Suites
  • 4-Pair 802.3bt and Proprietary PSE Testing from Either Port 1 or Port 2
  • Emulate Single Signature or Dual Signature PD's.
  • Greater than 99 Watt Continuous 4-Pair Loading Per Blade
  • Load Up to 12 4-Pair PSE Ports Concurrently
  • Emulate All Type-3 and Type-4 Multi-Event Classification Signatures
  • Emulate Autoclass Signaling and Maximum Load Event
  • Coordinated or Independent Control of ALT-A and ALT-B Loads
    • Emulate Arbitrary Pair-Pair Load Unbalance
    • Emulate Disconnect and Overloads Per Pairset
  •  Emulate / Test 802.3at and Future 802.3bt PD LLDP Messaging
  • Mix with Existing PSA-3102 Test Blades
 PSL-3202 Key Features:
  • Plug Replaceable Upgrade to Existing PSL-3000
    • 100% Software Compatible with PSL-3102 Blades
    •  Supports Existing 802.3at PSE Multi-Port Suite & PSL Quick Test
    •  Supports Existing PoE LLDP Protocol Traces
  • 4-Pair 802.3bt and Proprietary PSE Loading from Either Port 1 or Port 2
  • Emulate Single Signature or Dual Signature PD's
  • Greater than 99 Watt Continuous 4-Pair Loading Per Blade
  • Load Up to 12 4-Pair PSE Ports Concurrently
  • Emulate All Type-3 and Type-4 Multi-Event Classification Signatures
  • Emulate Autoclass Signaling and Maximum Load Event
  • Coordinated or Independent Control of ALT-A and ALT-B Loads
    • Emulate Arbitrary Pair-Pair Load Unbalance
    • Emulate Disconnect and Overloads Per Pairset
  • Emulate / Test 802.3at and Future 802.3bt PD LLDP Messaging
  • Mix with Existing PSL-3102 Test Blades
The new PSA-3202 & PSL-3202 blades will also be offered in the24-Port PowerSync Programmable Load, the PSL-3224, and a 48-Port RackPack PowerSync Analyzer, the PSA-3248.  Both of these configurations offer lower-cost-per-port.  Sifos has enhanced the PSA-3000 and PSL-3000 chassis' with improved cooling efficiency, USB console port, and IP reset control.  The PSA-3202 is not yet supported in a Compact PSA (2-port) format 

Shipments of PSA-3202 hardware will begin in August and will be followed by PSL-3202 hardware in September.  

New DL350 ScopeCorder from Yokogawa

posted Jul 11, 2017, 1:49 PM by Sam Simione   [ updated Jul 12, 2017, 6:21 PM ]

I am pleased to introduce the new DL350 ScopeCoder from Yokogawa. 
This new Hybrid Device can act as a Data Acquisition or Recording Device or as a long record length Digital Oscilloscope.

Yokogawa Features industry leading Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning Input Modules offering the best Isolation, Stability, Noise Rejection and Reliability in the market today!
Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder
Best-In-Class Features Include:
  • Intuitive Touch Screen operation, 8.4" Color TFT Resistive Display
  • Wealth of Triggers for Fault Finding
  • Accurate Measurement of Fast Switching Waveforms.  Up to 100 MSamples/sec captured with 12 Bits Resolution per channel.
  • Superior Noise immunity and Vibration immune recording in a small size.  Approx. 8.5 lbs. 
  • Operates in Temperatures from 0 to 45 Degrees C !
  • Up to 8 channels with Isolated Inputs.  Choose from 18 types of input modules.
  • AC/DC operation with built-in Li-On Battery.  3 Hours Battery operation.
  • Up to 100M points high Speed Recording per Module and up to 50 days continuos recording to SD card.
  • Advanced features include:
  • Harmonic & FFT Analysis
  • CAN bus, LIN bus & SENT
  • GPS Time and Position Synchronization
  • Accepts input modules and probes from Yokogawa DL850 Series
Call or email your Contech Sales Representative to arrange a demonstration!

SSA3000X Series Spectrum Analyzers

posted Apr 8, 2017, 10:19 AM by Sam Simione

Product Overview

Siglent’s SSA3000X family of spectrum analyzers offer a frequency range of 9 KHz to 2.1 GHz / 3.2 GHz. With their light weight, small size, and friendly user interface, the SSA3000s present a bright easy to read display, powerful and reliable automatic measurements, and plenty of impressive features. Applications are many, but include research and development, education, production, maintenance, and many more.

Key Features

◆ All-Digital IF Technology

◆ Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 3.2 GHz

◆ -161 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)

◆ -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz Offset Phase Noise (1 GHz, Typ.)

◆ Total Amplitude Accuracy < 0.7 dB

◆ 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)

◆ Standard Preamplifier

◆ Up to 3.2 GHz Tracking Generator Kit (Opt.)

◆ Reflection Measurement Kit (Opt.)

◆ Advanced Measurement Kit (Opt.)

◆ EMI Pre-compliance Measurements Kit (Opt.)

◆ 10.1 lnch WVGA(1024x600)Display

Price start at around $1500 for a 2 GHz Model and around $3K for a 3 GHz model!

New Pentek offerings

posted Jan 26, 2017, 11:26 AM by Sam Simione

Evolutionary Jade Architecture with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA
JadeTM 4-Channel 200 MHz A/D with DDC, Kintex UltraScale FPGA
Model 71861 4-Channel 200 MHz A/D with DDC, Kintex UltraScale FPGA
Jade Model 71861

  • Complete radar and software radio interface solution
  • Supports Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGAs
  • Four 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds
  • Four multiband DDCs (digital downconverters)
  • Optional 5 GB of DDR4 SDRAM
  • Sample clock synchronization to an external system reference
  • LVPECL clock/sync bus for multimodule synchronization
  • PCI Express (Gen. 1, 2 & 3) interface up to x8
  • VITA 42.0 XMC compatible with switched fabric interfaces
  • Optional LVDS and gigabit serial connections to the FPGA for custom I/O
  • Ruggedized and conduction-cooled versions available
Navigator Design Suite compatible with Xilinx's Vivado IP Integrator
NavigatorTM was designed to work with new JadeTM architecture
Navigator Design Suite
Navigator DS

Pentek's Navigator Design Suite includes:

Portable, Rugged Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning Recorder
Talon® 6 GHz RF/IF Sentinel Intelligent Portable Recorder
RTR 2623 Talon 6 GHz RF/IF Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning Portable Recorder
Model RTR 2623

  • Search and capture system using SentinelTMIntelligent Signal Scanner
  • Captures RF signals up to 6 GHz
  • Capture and scan bandwidths up to 40 MHz
  • Selectable threshold triggered or manual record modes
  • Built-in DDC with selectable decimation range from 2 to 65,536
  • 16-bit A/D with 75 dB SNR & 87 dB SFDR
  • 30 GHz/sec scan rate
  • Portable system measuring 16.0" W x 6.9" D x 13.0" H
  • Lightweight, just less than 30 pounds
  • Storage capabilities to 30 TB

AFX AC/DC Power Source from Pacific Power Source

posted Jun 13, 2016, 9:35 AM by Sam Simione   [ updated Jun 13, 2016, 9:36 AM ]


AFX Series Single Range Constant Power Output Voltage Range

Doing away with conventional dual voltage ranges, the new AFX AC and DC Power Source Series no longer requires you to choose between voltage or current. You can now have both in a single 300V L-N / 520V L-L range. 

Switching to the high voltage range on most programmable power sources means cutting your maximum available current in half. It also means the output of the power source drops between range changes, causing your unit under test to shut off.


Not so when using the new AFX Series AC, DC and AC+DC capable AFX Series power sources. 

Its single high voltage range delivers both max. voltage and max. current along a smooth, constant power curve so you get the best of both. Just one of many new unique benefits of the new AFX Series from PacificPower

The new AFX Series models are available in power levels from 9kVA to 60kVA.  To get a better understanding of how a constant power voltage range works and what advantages it offers over conventional dual range AC power sources, download the AFX Constant PowerVoltage Range application note.


To receive additional information on the ALL NEW AFX Series, email us at or call us toll-free at +1(800) 219-9417.

TDK-Lambda adds eight new HV Models to Genesys Series!

posted Oct 31, 2015, 1:38 PM by Sam Simione

TDK Corporation announces the addition of eight new High Voltage models to the TDK-Lambda Genesys 3U AC/DC Programmable Power Supply Series. Added models include 800V, 1000V, 1250V and 1500V with Output power levels of 10kW and 15kW. These High Voltage models address the requirements for applications in the Industrial, Automotive, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, Lighting and Semiconductor markets.

Carrying a five-year warranty, the TDK-Lambda Genesys™ High Voltage models have the same front panel features and compact dimensions (3U (133mm) high and 19” (483mm) wide) as the standard 10kW/15kW models (7.5V to 600V). These units can operate in either Constant-Voltage (CV) or Constant-Current (CC) mode and can accept a three-phase AC input of either 400VAC or 480VAC (with standard passive Power Factor Correction).

New High Voltage model features include a wider AC Input voltage range for 400VAC input (342VAC – 440VAC), higher efficiency (> 93%), faster Up/Down-Programming Response Time (17ms/20ms), Output isolation up to 1500V, built-in Isolated J1 Remote Analog 5V/10V Program/Monitor, Two-Wire Parallel current share (for parallel system operation), cooling fan speed control for reduced audible noise and extended fan life and lighter weight (< 70lbs).

As with all of the TDK-Lambda Genesys programmable power supplies, several safety and advanced system configuration features are included.

Safety features included are Safe/Auto Re-Start, Last-Setting Memory and Built-in protective functions. With Safe Start configured, the power supply returns to its last operation settings after a power interruption but with the Output disabled, while with Auto Re-Start, the power supply returns to the last used operation settings after a power interruption. Last Setting Memory retains settings such as the Output voltage/current, Output ON/OFF, OVP/UVL level, Foldback and Start-Up mode at each AC Input turn-off sequence. Built-in protective functions include Over- Voltage Protection (OVP), Under-Voltage-Limit (UVL), FOLDback protection (FOLD) and Over-Temperature Protection (OTP).

Higher power systems can be configured using the Master/Slave “Advanced” Parallel operating mode (utilizing Two-Wire current share). This mode configures the Master unit to be the single –point for programming, measurement and status of the total current of the paralleled system. Thus, four units can operate as a single 40kW or 60kW power supply, increasing the flexibility for system designers.

Common to the entire TDK-Lambda Genesys™ family is the embedded 16-bit RS-232/RS-485 Multi-Drop Digital communication interface. Using this Digital communication interface, up to 31 power supplies may be controlled in an addressed RS-485 daisy-chain configuration.
Other optional Digital and Analog communication interfaces include the LXI Class C compliant LAN and the IEEE (488.2 and SCPI-compliant) Multi-Drop Digital communication interfaces (which include a selection of instrument drivers such as NI LabVIEW and NI LabWindows™) as well as a 4-20mA Isolated Analog programming/monitor interface.

CE marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive, the TDK-Lambda Genesys 3U 10kW/15kW Power Supply Series conforms to conducted and radiated EMI in accordance with EN55011A and FCC Part 15J-A.

Safety agency approvals include UL60950-1 and EN60950-1.

For more information about the Genesys 3U AC/DC Programmable Power Supply Series, contact the TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division directly at +1-732-922-9300 or online at -, contact your local Sales representative ( or download the product datasheet from

A wide range of other TDK-Lambda High Power Division Low Voltage and High Voltage power supplies can be viewed from the website:

Emtest Compact NX5

posted Sep 1, 2015, 9:43 AM by Sam Simione

Intuitive, Customized Transient Testing in New, All-in-one Multifunctional Test Generator from EM Test

EM Test now offers the compact NX5, a multifunctional test generator that meets international and product-specific transient and power fail requirements, including EFT/burst to 5.5 kV, surge to 5.0 kV and power fail testing.

An intuitive 7" touch screen panel is the gateway to customized sequences and testing. Defined keys indicated by LED, such as start, stop and break, allow the user to run the individual configured tests quickly and accurately. Any pre-programmed standard tests can be implemented. All test parameters are displayed on-screen and the unit can also be operated remotely using the built-in Ethernet, USB or optical interface.

The standalone NX5 includes everything needed to conduct fully compliant tests as well as CE Marking for single-phase EUTs with an output supply of 300V/16A. Using an automatically controlled external coupling/decoupling network with a rated current up to 200 A, this compact generator system test three-phase EUTs for added versatility.

The NX5's advanced safety features make it ideal for use in industrial, medical, residential, telecom, components, broadcast and renewable energy applications. The unit, which conforms to IEC/EN 61010, includes real-time power monitoring of the EUT and a secure Ethernet or galvanic insulated OptoLink connection for reliable, safe testing.

For convenience, users can choose tests from an integrated standards library; customize their own test as well as import and export documents, photos and data easily. A quick start test option is available where parameters can be changed on-line while the individual EUT is still maintained.

The NX5 features fail inputs that allow users to control an ongoing test sequence based on the state of the EUT as well as monitoring outputs (BNC) that offer easy signal verification and measurements.

This new compact generator is the first to recognize connected EUT power configurations and selects only couplings to real existing lines. Non-existing lines are disabled from the menu settings.

A quad core ARM-Cortex A9 processor provides exceptional power optimization coupled with high performance, and the included iec.control software, supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8, is used for control and documentation.

EM Test supplies a wide range of accessories for nearly all tests and applications.

Technical Specifications

• Smallest compact generator with 7" touch screen

• Intelligent, customized testing in all-in-one standalone unit

• Burst 5.5 kV, surge 5.0 kV and power fail

• Built-in single phase coupler 300V/16Av

• Quad core ARM-Cortex A9 processor

• Rated current up to 200 A

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