AC & DC Power Test

    • Programmable AC & DC Electronic Loads
    • Power Supply Test Systems & Instruments
    • Battery Test Systems & Emulators
    • Regenerative Grid Simulators

Programmable DC Power Supplies
    • GENESYSTM Low Voltage Models from 0-6V to 1500V
    • PHV Precision High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies
      • Outputs from 125V to 300kV, Power from 14W to 15kW

Rotek Power & Energy Calibration  

Precision Calibration Standards for Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power and Energy

Programmable AC Sources & Frequency Converters
From 500VA to 180 KVA
Quality Value Leader

Pacific Power Source

    • High Performance Programmable  AC/DC Power Sources
    • 500 VA to 625KVA
    • IEC & Avionics Compliance Test Sequences
    • Linear & High Efficiency Switch-mode models

GMW Current Sensors   Danisense Current Sensors

Precision  Current & Magnetic Sensors
Measuring Instruments & Transducers
Zero-Flux Gate Sensors
Hall Effect Sensors
Rogowski Current Probes

Digital Power Analyzers
Power Measurement Software
Harmonic & Flicker Analysis
AC, DC & Power Calibrators