Automatic Test Equipment

Alta Data  
  • MIL-STD 1553 and 
  • ARINC-419/429/575/573/717 Boards
  • Ethernet Avionics Appliances
  • Multi-Protocol Cards
  • Bus Kits & Cable Accessories
  • Bus Analyzer & Alta RT Validation Software

Marvin Test Solutions  
  • Functional Test Solutions for Military, Aerospace & Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Testers
  • PXI Digital Test Platform
  • FPGA Test Cards

Test Automation Software for Data Management, Reporting

Statistics, Analytics & Execution

Hiller Measurements  
  • MiPXI Custom Instruments
  • RF Interface Units, PXI, LXI
  • Custom Test System Switching for RF, Optical & Power Signals
  • Custom Function ATE Systems, RF/Microwave Experts
  • Surveyor – ESS  resistance-monitoring, event-detection suite of tools specifically designed for standards-based design verification test applications, including:
 • Solder joint reliability test of semiconductors according to IPC-9701.
 • Cable assembly design verification testing to ANSI/AAMI EC53 and IEC 60601-2-4

  • Programmable Network Interfaces
  • High Bandwidth, low-latency for network capture, comms, radar, signal intelligence & EW
  • Protocols: 10G-100G Ethernet (TCP & UDP offload engines), Fibre Channel, Firewire (1394), HSI, HSDB, Infiniband & others
  • FPGA IP Core Development
  • Network Security & Monitoring, Traffic Generation
  • EPON Packet Capture and Recording
  • Rap XG Network Record & Playback