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Embedded Systems Products


High Data Bandwidth for High-Performance Applications

8-Channel A/D & D/A Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Processor - SOSA Aligned 3U VPX

8-Channel A/D & D/A Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen 3 Processor - QuartzXM eXpress Module 

8-Channel A/D & D/A Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen 3 Processor - PCIe 

8-Channel A/D & D/A Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen 3 Processor - SFF Subsystem 


RF & Microwave

High performance Multi-Coax and Coaxial Assemblies, Connectors, Interposers and Sockets used in the development of next generation electronics systems. 

Quantum Computing & Cryogenic Applications

TR Multi-coax

micro-LinkOVER™ – Above PCB Connector System

AVA Microwave and Millimeter Wave Cable Solutions

Applications Include:

RF link impairment emulation for terrestrial and satellite wireless systems.

RF products covering the frequency range of DC to 110 GHz.  Products include coaxial switches, pin diode switches, Hi-Rel Electro-Mechanical Switches & Switch Matrices.  Tx/Rx Modules, Amplifiers, Detectors, Mixers (Up/Down Converters),

Frequency Multipliers and other mm Wave passive components.


Low Phase Noise Components:  Amplifiers, Phase Detectors,        Phase Shifters, Frequency Dividers

Ironwave Technologies is a leading provider of RF and Microwave solutions for Aerospace and Defense industries. 

The integration of Mu-Del Electronics, American Microwave Corporation, Luff Research, and Syntonics, enables us to pioneer tomorrow’s RF solutions in national defense, electronic warfare, and communication arenas.


AMC is a leading supplier of components and subsystems for defense and commercial applications. High speed, high isolation PIN Diode switches, Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVA),  Programmable Attenuators and Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA). 

Luff Research specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance, high reliability, state-of-the-art RF/Microwave Frequency Synthesizers and Phase-Locked Oscillators. 

Mu Del Electronics

Multicouplers, Frequency Converters, Distribution Switch Matrixes, Antenna Systems, High-Performance RF filters, Diplexers, Triplexers, Switch Filter Banks, Frequency Agile, Multi-Function Assemblies

EMC Test Products

EMC Compliance Solutions from  EmTest, Teseq, Milmega & IFI

Generators for Conducted and Radiated Immunity, RF Power Amps

Probes , Clamps & Couplers & ISN's

TDK RF Solutions Inc., a partner supplier to Raymond EMC,  offers a complete range of electromagnetic compatibility solutions, including Automated Test Systems, Anechoic Chambers, Absorber Materials, Automation Test Software, Antennas, monitoring and control devices and accessories.  Test Services: Calibration, testing and characterization of Antennas.


TDK TEstLab Software

TDK TestLab is a suite of software packages to handle EMC testing, EUT monitoring and antenna measurements. TDK TestLab is the top choice for EMC test professionals worldwide. 

Antenna Pattern Measurement Chamber

TDK’s antenna evaluation anechoic chambers are designed to allow the end user to characterize various features of wireless technology as well as measure the properties of the antennas that support that radio technology. 

Composite Absobers

TDK offers both Ferrite and Foam type absorbers.  Our absorber products are made from composite materials that offer the highest RF Absorption performance per volume and are made from environmentally safe materials.

 Test & measurement

12 bits all the time

High Definition Oscilloscopes (HDO) use HD4096 Technology to provide 12 bits of resolution all the time from 200 MHz up to 8 GHz.

Ethernet PHY & PoE Verification

Test Suites & Options:

GENESYS+TM Rack DC Series - 30,000W to 62,400W - Single Output NEW


SFL Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads.  3U, Half-Rack 300W/ Full-Rack 1000W

GENESYS+™ Series - 1000W to 15,600W - Single Output NEW

Genesys™ Series - 600W to 15,000W - Single Output 

Elektro-Automatik Regenerative Loads & Sources, Bi-Directional DC Power Supplies, Auto-Ranging DC Power Supplies


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KEL Linear Electronic Loads

KEL Electronic Load

BOP Bi-Polar Power Supplies

ATE Precision Linear Power Supplies