AFX AC/DC Power Source from Pacific Power Source

Post date: Jun 13, 2016 4:35:16 PM


AFX Series Single Range Constant Power Output Voltage Range

Doing away with conventional dual voltage ranges, the new AFX AC and DC Power Source Series no longer requires you to choose between voltage or current. You can now have both in a single 300V L-N / 520V L-L range.

Switching to the high voltage range on most programmable power sources means cutting your maximum available current in half. It also means the output of the power source drops between range changes, causing your unit under test to shut off.

Not so when using the new AFX Series AC, DC and AC+DC capable AFX Series power sources.

Its single high voltage range delivers both max. voltage and max. current along a smooth, constant power curve so you get the best of both. Just one of many new unique benefits of the new AFX Series from PacificPower.

The new AFX Series models are available in power levels from 9kVA to 60kVA. To get a better understanding of how a constant power voltage range works and what advantages it offers over conventional dual range AC power sources, download the AFX Constant PowerVoltage Range application note.


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