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Today's test engineers are faced with growing pressure to ensure that the unit under test (UUT) meets all design criteria while remaining safe from malicious attacks, but is there really an industry-wide solution that can build cybersecurity into your process while reducing time-to-market?

Marvin Test Solutions invites you to attend a 30-minute webinar to learn how with ATEasy. By leveraging ATEasy’s integrated development environment and test executive, you build in protection against ATE cybersecurity threats, malicious code creation, unauthorized access and reverse-engineering.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Data security techniques
  • Test system cyber vulnerability
  • Counterfeit parts threat / vulnerability
  • STIG Application security and development

Webinar Schedule for 2020

Thursday May 7, 2020

Thursday May 21, 2020

Thursday June 4, 2020

Thursday June 18, 2020

@ 11:00AM/EST

Introduction to TR Multicoax Series

Key Takeaways from this Webinar:

• Learn about the benefits of high speed high density connectors that come in a variety of form factors

• Solderless compression mount technology allows these connectors to be reused across multiple programs and boards promoting exponential cost savings

• Superior signal integrity offered through 20 GHz, 40 GHz, and 70 GHz configurations to suit your bandwidth requirements

Thursday May 14, 2020

Thursday June 11, 2020

@ 11:00AM/EST

Introduction to CA Series Connectors and Interposers

Key Takeaways from this Webinar:

• Learn about the benefits of high speed high density connectors and the variety of scalable form factors Amphenol Ardent offers

• Solderless compression mount technology allows these connectors to be reused across multiple programs and boards promoting exponential cost savings

• How our CA Series connectors and interposers offer superior signal integrity and high density for applications like high speed backplane, mezzanine, edge card, and optical at a 0.4 mm pitch in a pure vertical interface – no offset required.

Thursday May 28, 2020

Thursday June 25, 2020

@ 11:00AM/EST

Introduction to SK Series Sockets

Key Takeaways from this Webinar:

• Learn how our industry-leading, high-performance contact technology delivers superior signal integrity and allows for the rapid testing of multiple integrated circuits using a single socket

• See how easy it is to install, remove, and reuse our sockets across multiple programs thanks to our solderless, compression mount technology

• Learn about how our sockets can save you time and money throughout the design and test process

As electrification continues to accelerate in automotive and aerospace, engineers must address new testing challenges for hybrid, fuel cell and electric powertrain. Modern propulsion system architectures are fundamentally different and present new challenges and risks. Therefore, it is important for engineers to use the most effective technologies and test approaches to ensure product performance, safety, reliability and reduced time to market.

Electric powertrain systems are complex and raise new testing challenges including increased voltage and power levels, long test times, and different safety risks. Traditional powertrain test approaches rely on unidirectional devices that have drawbacks and limitations. Next generation battery emulation and DC Bus emulation provides a bi-directional approach that sinks and sources to maintain voltage regulation, accepts back EMF which prevents safety hazards, and has isolated input and output paths to eliminate single points of failure.

This session will review how modern solutions for emulating batteries and fuel cells are the right approach for faster, scalable and more repeatable testing of electric powertrain systems. As electrification is evolving to higher power demands, the ability to emulate a battery with speed and precision is critical. Battery emulation can substantially reduce test time, risk, energy consumption and operating costs. In this webinar, learn about:

· Key Industry Trends, Challenges & Opportunities

· Electric Powertrain Test Solutions

· Battery Emulation Differentiators - What to Look for in a Battery Emulator

· Cohesive, Scalable, Intuitive Software Solutions

Presenter: Ben Jackson – Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

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Presenter: Ben Jackson – Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

Over 10 years of electrical engineering experience across a wide range of industrial applications. Ben’s expertise is especially focused on the Electric Vehicle industry including automotive and aerospace applications. In his current role, Ben provides consultation for designing hardware and software test solutions for battery, fuel cell and powertrain test systems from 100W to over 2MW in size. Test applications range from individual components such as battery R&D and power electronics, to entire propulsion systems and fast chargers.

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If you are designing next generation wide bandwidth radios such as UWB, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, Come learn about the importance of Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR ) and how it applies to performance of your wireless design.

Mark Elo and Walt Strickler (Boonton Electronics) will present a webinar that will explain how to use advanced arbitrary waveform generators to create signals with varying PAPRs and how to simply and cost-effectively measure PAPR utilizing RF peak power sensors throughout an RF transmission chain to make trade-offs for optimal system performance.

Mark Elo, US General Manager Tabor Electronics

Walt Strickler, General Manager , Boonton Electronics'


Title: Basic Parameters of the Normalized Site Attenuation method for Open Area Test Sites and Semi Anechoic Chambers

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 45 minutes


This webinar is intended to provide an understanding of the requirements for qualification of either an Open Area Test or Site Semi Anechoic chamber, for use in the measurement of radiated disturbances in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz. This is referred to as Normalized Site Attenuation or NSA testing, as described in CISPR 16-1-4.

Speaker: Lou Feudi

Lou Feudi has been a Product Safety, EMC, Telecom, and Bellcore Engineer, Engineering Manager, Salesperson, Sales Manager, and Corporate Trainer. He has worked at Underwriters Laboratories, Intertek, TUV Rheinland and U S Technologies. Lou has also been a Global and US Sales Channel Manager selling equipment for Keytek/Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Teseq/Ametek. He has a total of 37 years experience in the Compliance Testing Industry and has authored a number of articles for Compliance Engineering and In Compliance Magazine.

Lou is currently US Sales Channel Manager for Raymond EMC, the Anechoic and Semi Anechoic Chamber, Reverb Chamber, and shielded enclosure manufacturer.


We have a large library of On Demand webinars: -

May 6

Using S-parameters as a behavioral model in System Simulation

In this webinar Dr. Eric Bogatin will look at how the interconnect features affect the S-parameters and how the S-parameters of a channel affect the eye diagram at different data rates.

Presenter: Eric Bogatin

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May 7

Remote Connection to Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Oscilloscopes Webinar

In light of current events, many of us are seeking ways to maintain high productivity while working remotely. With this in mind, we will discuss remote control connectivity options for your Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope.

Presenter: Felix Chen

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May 13

Analyzing Electronic Warfare Signals with Oscilloscopes

This webinar covers innovative oscilloscope-based techniques for analyzing Electronic Warfare (EW) signals, including RADAR demodulation, doppler shift detection, frequency linearity testing, pulse width modulation (PWM) analysis, and classified measurements.

Presenter: Mike Hertz

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May 19

PCI Express® 5.0 and 4.0 Electrical Testing

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this free webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the electrical specifications and validation requirements, and how to test these new technologies with the most complete PCIe electrical test solutions available.

Presenter: Patrick Connally

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May 20

Power Conversion Fundamentals - from Semiconductor Devices to Complex Drives

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this free webinar to learn about the types of power semiconductors used in bridges and drives. We will review how they create pulse-width modulated (PWM) outputs in a variety of different single-device, half-bridge, full-bridge (H-bridge) and Cascaded H-bridge topologies.

Presenter: Ken Johnson

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June 10

Part One: Assessing Power Conversion System Performance - Using Power Analyzers and Oscilloscopes Webinar

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June 17

Part Two: Assessing Power Conversion System Performance - Using Power Analyzers and Oscilloscopes Webinar

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Join us for this free two part webinar as we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various instruments for debugging inverter subsections, embedded control/power systems, and the dynamic interaction between the power conversion/control system and the load.

Presenter: Ken Johnson

DDR4/5 & LPDDR4/5 - Probing and Debug Solutions

This webinar will provide guidance on how to test to the latest specifications and how to avoid common pitfalls, as DDR transitions to the latest data rates.

Presenter: Mike Engbretson

Registration URL:

High-Resolution Oscilloscope Design Webinar Series : Part Two

Oscilloscope manufacturers use a variety of design approaches to increase resolution, some of which impose other performance tradeoffs. Join Ken Johnson for this two-part webinar series to gain a better understanding of various manufacturer’s claims.

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What Every Oscilloscope User Needs To Know About Transmission Lines

In this free webinar, Dr. Eric Bogatin will introduce you to five simple, yet essential principles of signal integrity which we will apply to understanding how to interpret scope measurements from DC to 1 GHz bandwidth.

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PCIE Electrical Test Solutions:

MDA Mechanical Interface:

Remote Control Webinar – May 7