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Product Update

Aukua Systems continues its rapid pace of development, announcing the immediate availability of Aukua MGA2510 v2.5.0! This is an important release with a couple new features as well as numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements and general UI improvements. See below for information on how to upgrade your MGA2510 and take advantage of all these great new features and capabilities!!

See below for information on how to upgrade your MGA2510 and take advantage of all these great new features and capabilities!!

Key New Features and Enhancements in v2.5.0:

Inline Analyzer and Network Impairment Emulator

  • Increased Delay Support

The MGA2510 now supports inserting up to 10 seconds of delay! This capability allows you to validate application performance under a wider variety of real-world network conditions.Testing againstrealistic network delay scenarios is critical. It verifies and gives you greater confidence that an application or system will perform asexpected once deployed in the real-world. Also, with this ability andthe other Jamming features of the MGA2510, you have a powerful tool for more easily recreating customer support issues in the lab. With your Aukua MGA2510 you can resolve customer support issues more quickly and with greater confidence!

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Traffic Generator

  • Raw Header Editor

The MGA2510 traffic generator now provides an easy way to custom edit packet headers. This allows for nonstandard or proprietary header formats for the generated packets.

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Key issues FIXED in this release:

Issue# Description

567- API documentation greatly improved for usability and accuracy

598- Transmit clock offset control was incorrectly applied to Port 1 only for 1000Base-T1 (Automotive Ethernet)

599- API GET command for SMA port alarms did not respond

603- Better UI feedback when user attempts to edit the management IP while DHCP is enabled

620- Total Average Latency Measurement values were incorrect under large latency scenarios

Release v2.5.0 Upgrade Files & Instructions

Upgrade files and instructions can be received by contacting the AukuaSupport Team. You can also contact your local Aukua partner or representative to receive the upgrade files and instructions. The entire two-click upgrade process should take you less than 10 minutes to complete!

NOTE: A license file upgrade is NOT required for this release unless you are adding new optional features. Please inform the Aukua Support Team if you are running a version older than v2.0.1.

Also, please note that we are already working hard on the next MGA2510 releases! These will include features like:

  • Import/Export Configuration – ability to import or export configuration settings of the MGA2510.
  • Stats Logging – the ability to log stats overtime to a file for export and analysis.
  • Selective Impairments – the ability to specify(filter) which packets/streams to target for jamming/impairment.
  • Packet Delay Variation (PDV) or Packet Jitter – this ability introduces packet jitter so our customers can verify application performance under real-world network delay scenarios.
  • Bandwidth Limitation – ability to limit bandwidth so our customers can verify application performance under limited bandwidth conditions.… and much more!!

Let us know if you have any questions. We are standing by to assist!


Aukua Team

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