AC/DC Power Test

Contech's Power Test Products includes AC & DC Power Sources, HV Power Supplies, AC & DC Loads, Battery & Grid Simulators, Power Analyzers, Harmonics & Flicker Systems, Precision Current Sensors, and Power Test Systems

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Precision Current Transducers

Programmable Loads, Power Test Systems

Programmable Loads, Battery Testers and Simulators, Grid Simulators, Power Supply Test Systems

Programmable AC Sources

Programmable AC Power Sources, Software for Simulating Line transients including Mil-Std's, DO-160 & IEC Testing

Value priced AC Sources from Adaptive Power Systems

TDK-Lambda Power Supplies

Programmable Power Supplies, Programmable High Voltage Supplies

Yokogawa Test & Measurement

Digital Power Analyzers, ScopeCorders and Digital Scopes, Source-Measure Units, Programmable AC & DC Standards/Calibrators, Data AcquisItion Systems & Data Loggers