EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compliance)

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Ametek - CTS

Instruments and Systems for Conducted Immunity and Emissions testing. Transient Surge/Burst/Powerfail Generators. ESD Generators. Coupling Devices and measurement probes. RF Amplifiers, Antennas and accessories. Automotive EMC Compliance Test Systems.

Ametek - CTS
Shielded Enclosures, RF Absorber, Anechoic Chambers

Shielded Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers, RF Absorber. Shielded Doors & Accessories.

EMC Systems Integration & Software

EMC System Integration. EMC Automation Software.

EMC Test Equipment Rentals. Sales of ESD Simulators.

RF/EMI Shielding and Conductive Textile Products

EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures, Tents, Curtains, Garment & Pouches. Smart Textiles using Etchtex.