RF, Microwave & Optical Solutions

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Signal Integrity Interconnect Solutions

Signal Integrity Interconnect to 70+ GHz. Sockets, Connectors, Multicoax Cable Termination Connectors, interposers and probing solutions

Highest Performance Test & Measurement Instruments

Optical Test & Measurement, Coherent Optical Communications & Optical Pulse Analysis.

RF Link Emulators for Satellite and Wireless

dBm specializes in RF link impairment emulation for terrestrial and satellite wireless systems. Our link emulation products have been used in virtually every major satellite system developed since the early 1990s.

Solid State & TWT Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers (pulsed, CW and combination amps) since 1953. Offering the broadest range of RF Microwave Amplifiers manufactured by any company in the world!

High Performance Coherent Frequency Synthesizers & Phase Noise Analyzers

RF Synthesizers. Multi-output,Coherent, low phase noise.

Phase Noise Analyzers. Additive Phase Noise Systems.

Shielded Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers & Absorber Materials

Shielded Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers, RF Absorber. Shielded Doors & Accessories.

Shielded Textile Enclosures and Fabrics

EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures, Tents, Curtains, Garment & Pouches. Smart Textiles using Etchtex.