Power Electronics

TDK-Lambda is a global supplier of Programmable DC power systems with the most comprehensive standard offering of bench-top/rack-mount DC Programmable Power Supplies from 200W to 15kW and Rack DC Systems from 30kW to 60kW. Output voltage ratings up to 1500V and Output current ratings up to 4500A are available with a built in Front Panel Local and Remote Analog Program/Monitor/Control Interfaces. Various remote Digital Interfaces include LAN (LXI 1.5), USB (2.0), IEEE (488.2), RS-232, RS-485, EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP along with Isolated Analog Program/Monitor Interfaces such as IS510 (5V/10V) and IS420 (4-20mA).


GENESYS+™ Series - 1000W to 15,600W - Single Output NEW

Genesys™ Series - 600W to 15,000W - Single Output 

SFL Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads.  3U, Half-Rack 300W/ Full-Rack 1000W

Electronic Loads

Adaptive Power Systems offers an extensive line of programmable electronic loads for DC and AC load applications in R&D, ATE and Production. Our loads offer leading edge features and capabilities for a wide range of voltage, current and power needs. Available in power levels starting at 150W all the way to 100’s kW. Easy front panel operation and GPIB, USB and LAN interfaces support both Lab and ATE.

AC Sources & Frequency Converters

Our AC Power Sources frequencies and voltages found around the world and in military avionics/shipboard applications, accept multiple frequency and voltage inputs, offer fully adjustable output frequency and a very broad adjustable voltage range that permits the duplication of worldwide utility configurations.